Sea Hole and Zombies and Knitting Circles, oh my!

Black Mirror In SL, Blog Update 7.15.11

I've been a HUGE fan of The Sea Hole & everything the lovely Drinkinstein Sorbet creates, since I found her shop over a year ago.
 I am so excited to bring you The Sea Hole's latest offering at a steal of a price!

Black Mirror In SL, Blog Update 7.15.11

Brand new from The Sea Hole- Zombikini Set in Zombie Melon. 
Set includes: bikini on all layers, zombie sunglasses, zombie beach bag (with a zombie towel inside!) and a zombie green sunscreen makeup for the face. 
Specially priced, for a limited time only at The Knitting Circle Bake Sale
 (which runs from the 16th of each month to the 17th of the following month.)   
 The Sea Hole offers many more items at The Sea Hole Mainstore
and The Sea Hole at Truth District.

Other Credits:
Hair: Head Mistress- Rolling Tides

Skin: Tik-Tok (recently re-branded as Natural Beauty)

Backgrounds & Poses: Kingware Technologies

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