Where Oh Where Is My Mesh?

Over the last couple of weeks, I've had several people tell me that they have read about Mesh on my blog and now they want to know.... Where can I find Mesh clothing?!  Well, here is a small list of what I have found on the LL/SL site & myself inworld. Found in the LL/SL Destination Guide- Mesh Showcase, here is a list of just some of the fashion shops now selling Mesh items. http://secondlife.com/destinations/mesh/meshfashion

Miamai has a new Mesh dress out called Frou Frou. She has a DEMO for you to try before you buy. Take the tp below & look for the red beacon to find it.
Black Mirror Blog Update 8/30/11

(This is a pic. of what the DEMO version of the above mentioned dress looks like)
Pose by PNP

Violent Seduction has something very special made using Mesh on one of the Midnight Madness boards, as well as for sale.

One things to note about Rigged Mesh piece is that the attached parts (skirt, belts, etc.) can NOT be modified or moved once they are on your body. You have to either tweak your shape or look in the folder that the outfit is in and see if the creator put more than one size of the item/s in there. Either way, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you try DEMOS of everything using Mesh.

Also, don't forget that Mesh is only viewable & useable using one of the latest SL3 type viewers.

Please check out the "Mesh Hotspots" link I will post on my other blog, http://kittydevaux.blogspot.com/ and if you know of any places using Mesh, that have not been featured, please feel free to let me know here in comments or inworld. Thanks for your continued reading & support.

Other Credits:
Hair: Miamai (Past Group Gift)

Skin: Felony- Starchild (Limited Edition)

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