Mesh With Me

It's a really hot day today so, I decided to go out in my MESH skirt from
 Curious Kitties Mesh Cafe

Blogging Mesh is pretty awesome. One reason is because Mesh items move WITH you.
That mean, no legs poking through Mesh skirts boobies stay covered by Mesh hair...
that kind of thing.

And speaking of hair....I just picked up this beautiful new Mesh hair Mandi, from Alice Project.
It comes with 4 different sizes, to fit any noggin and has a massive array
 of colour menu options! This hair is exclusive to the omg amazing
4.4.444 event going on NOW, to celebrate 4 years of Free Style.
(TODAY is the LAST DAY so go! Go now! Really!)
Here is the emergency slurl to get you there:

Now I think that everyone knows that you MUST use a Mesh enabled viewer to actually
SEE (and use) Mesh Properly or you're just kind of crazy.  ;)

Don't believe the hype?
Well, take a look at how Mesh looks with a NON-Mesh enabled viewer, in the photo below.
That big verticle block is actually the HAIR I have on in the above photos.
That black round thing on my right hand is the SKIRT I have on in the above photos.

Skin: Natural Beauty- Monica in Pale

Poses: Long Awkward Pose- Hairy Situations Pack

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