Things the make me go "Ohhhh"

Once in a while, I still come across a store that makes me go "Ohhhhh" 
when I saw their creations. La Malvada Mujer is the latest stop where I uttered that. 
They have a sattelite store at Twomoons Island.

One of their offerings for Twomoons Island- The Halloween Bizzare 
is the Medea (mesh) dress & makeup set.

The makeup is a beautiful, modern smokey eye, surrounded by slight white almost lightning 
and beautiful blue accents here and there. This makeup comes on a V2- tattoo layer
 that can be worn over any skin.

The (mesh) dress is an elegant, floor length, black dress with a beautiful white design 
that reminds me of lightning (just like the makeup above). It comes in a pack of 
three different sizes to fit many different avatar shapes.

Currently, this stunning dress/makeup combo can only be found at the  La Malvada Mujer
 stall at Twomoons Island- The Halloween Bizarre, which runs through October 31st.

Other Credits:
Mesh Hair: Alice Project- Mandi

Eyes: Rotten Toe- Replicant Eyes

Pose: La Malvada Mujer (Mainstore Freebie)

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