She's In Parties

Tired of the way she's been treated by this circle of so called friends,
she invites them to her house for a party,
 unlike any they have ever been to before.

Luckily, her friend's were all single for now so, they would arrive 
one or no more than two at a time.
 Easy enough for her to handle on her own.

As each guest enters, they are greeted by her,
 music in the background and elegent decorations.
She is quick to pick them off one by one.
Making sure to take them to a different room each time.

After a half a dozen or so feedings, she becomes weary.
Overpowering & then draining becomes a lot
of work, when it's done all on your own.

Finally, the last guest is at the front door. After making sure
she is cleaned up a bit, she saunters to the door to let him in.
Oh what a night for a party!

Ensembles: House of RFyre- Mercy
Comes with all of the clothing pieces pictured here & then some!

Other Credits:
Boots: Yggdrasill Designs- Trapped Decadence

Skin: - Illusory Paige in Bite Me (Collabor88 Oct. 2011 Exclusive)

Jewelry: Earthstones- Dusk Choker Set in Blood Bat

Eyes: Rotten Toe (Past Group Gift)

Background Texture: Sugah Bug


  1. Love that you did a story here and I also love the She's In parties reference. :D

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, Miss Noel. Thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll as well.