Stay Sick!

Some may get the title reference....hey, it fits! Trust me, read on...
For those who may have been wondering
"Did she finally crawl under a rock?"
"Did she join a convent?"

My answers would be "No, but I felt like one hit me"
"No, but it may have been a tiny bit better then what I have been doing"

I have been sick...and I don't mean some little coff coff sick
or a cute little achoo here and there sick
I mean an OMFG, please somebody haaaalp, 
I feel like death warmed over! sick.

Now, feeling that bad would be crappy enough, right?
Nuuuuu, not for me. I've had this I-have-no-idea-what-to-call-it-but-a-superbug
sickness thing for weeks. First my boyfriend and I shared it a for the entire week
after Halloween. And thennnnn....just over a week ago now, I got it again!
Oy vey...we go on...

This cute sick-bed I feature here is the latest Group Gift from Exposeur.
(I know...what timing, right?! Well, Ruby, the owner/creator of Exposeur
 was sick too recently. That was the inspiration for her making this bed.)

Other Credits:
Skin: Siss-Boom - Windchill Skin

Eyes, Tears Tattoo, Sad Eyebrows: Izzie's- I'm Not Feeling Very Well

Hair: Head Mistress- In The Mood

Top: Sn@tch @ Fab Free Station

Leggings: Sassy @ Fab Free Station

Panties: Oceane (Group Gift)

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