An Introduction to World Goth Fair 2012

You may have never heard the story of a young lady named Sophie Lancaster 
and her partner, Rob. In 2007, both of these young adults were brutally attacked.
The attacks were said to have been brought on by the fact that both Sophie and Rob
were dressed and styled as Goth, and the attackers felt the need
to maliciously hurt them for no other "reason" than that. 
Sadly, Sophie died due to the injuries that she sustained from the attacks.

In 2010, Sophie's mom decided to create The Sophie Lancaster Foundation,
to help bring awareness of people who celebrate different subcultures
and the struggles and conflicts that they are sometimes faced with, because of it. 

In SL, we celebrate the life and legacy of Sophie at World Goth Fair 2012.
Around 75 of SL's best creators have come together and
each one has created at least one item where either 100% or 50%
of the price goes as a direct donation to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

There are also special Gatcha Machines full of fantastic items and

Both World Goth Fair 2012 and  World Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt run through May 31. 
Please click the links provided for store listings/slurl's for both events,
as well as more information, and hunt hints.

Here is a small taste of some of the darkly delicious items that you can

Outfit: The Little Bat- Shades of Grey

Shoes: Malfean Visions- Skullcrusher Heels in Nightshade (WGD Gotcha Item)

Skin: The Little Bat- Molly Skin in Gloomy

Necklace: Kosh- Demonica Necklace (WGF Edition)

Table & Chairs: Damned Good Design- Belladonna Table in Black,
 Belladonna Chairs in Black/Red with Sit Poses

Other Credits:
Lashes: Blackliquid- Hooked

Eyes: Rue- Eye'd/Khepri (from the Grey Set)

Hair: DV8- Union Pandora Falls in Wisteria (Past MM Gift) (No Longer Available)

Background: KaTink- Dark shadows Pack 2

On a personal note, I grew up a part of the Goth scene in RL.
During that time being Punk or Goth was out of the
mainstream, but the bullying that is seen in schools and areas
these days was not nearly as prevelent as it has become in the last
several years. We have must teach our future generations
the importance of tolerance and acceptance, before we ending up repeating
many of the horrible mistakes that haunt history itself.

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