I've Been Drafted!

The Drafted Hunt started yesterday and boy is there a plethora of 
fantastic, unique military inspired goodness for you to find!

Each hunt gift is only L$5 and the gifts are really great quality.

The Drafted Hunt doesn't end until June 10th so, you have
plenty of time to get down to each store to score your own stuff!

Here is just a taste of the cuteness you can find in this hunt:

Outfit: Angels and Demons- Military Lolita Dress

Shoes: Tea Time- DigitalCamo Ballerina Shoes

Other Credits:
Skin: Akeruka- Blanca Skin in Medium Culture Shock Exclusive 
(50% of profit goes to Doctors Without Boarders)

Hair: Shag- Love Is A Battlefield in Falu

Eyes: Mayfly- Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Twilight Forest

Eyelashes: Dutch Touch- Isis Eyelashes

Background: KaTink Deserted Pack 1

Poses: Adorkable Poses- Chill Poses

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