Fire Woman

Curious Kitties- Unreal Fuzz, is the newest shop wing at Curious Kitties Island.
This section of the Curious Kitties build houses the newest, half size avatars.
Some of the avatars here are full avatars, that include everything you need for it.
Others feature a full range of optional skins, clothing, hair, and accessories 
that can be purchased separately so you can customize them to your perfect liking!

Here I present the Demra Avatar, which is just one of the many full avatars that you can find at Curios Kitties- Unreal Fuzz
This is a fiery demoness of the smallest kind!

This demon avatar comes with the full Mesh body, mini avatar alpha layer, eyes, hair, 
tail that moves on its own, and a cute little black outfit that you can wear when you feel like it.
 I've had this avatar for a few months now, and it has quickly become a favourite of mine.
(If you ever see me out and about in SL, you may very well see me wearing this!)

Other credits:
Pose: Adorkable Poses- from the Stroll Pose Pack

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