Cinema- Sneak (Snake) Peek!

Have you heard the buzz? The event that has all of SL talking- Cinema, opens tomorrow!
Cinema is an event based around one of our favourite pastimes-
going to the movies!

Cinema is laid out inside of a massive movie theater like complex.
Inside, you'll feel like you were transported into real life, as you can
almost smell the popcorn popping and nearly taste the cold drinks-
all at the Cinema concession stands.

Making your way around each corner of the complex, you will see doorways,
each with a different movie themes/catagories leading you to the shops inside.
Nearly every shop here has at least one item that is exclusive to the event!

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the items Cinema Exclusive items,
that are being offered at Cinema, beginning tomorrow thru October 27th.

All of these items can be found in the Adventure area of Cinema.

22769/Bauwerk- The Dragon Temple
This amazing Mesh build, features two menacing dragon heads on the front,
a foreboding staircase up the middle, and nice open area inside,
and a beautifully detailed top piece. 
There is a mini version demo at Cinema that you can look at, before you buy.

 22769- Cobra Queen Dress in Purple
Available in your choice of colours. Comes with all standard mesh sizes and alpha layer.

22769- Corba Queen Headwrap in Purple
This headwrap is made to coordinate perfectly with the Cobra Queen Dress.
Available in your choice of colours.

22769- Cobra Queen Mesh Snake
Long, wicked looking snake that is just waiting to wrap himself around you,
or your next victim!
(Comes with a bonus Snake Queen makup on face tattoo layer.)

For the most up to the minute information and news about Cinema,
join the free, inworld group The Hottie Cooterati Experence.

Other credits:: 
Skin: Sugar- Limited Edition Skin, Midnight Lotus in Tone (4) Barbados
Pack includes skin in one makeup/tone, with different brow, teeth, and cleavage options, as well as an add-on pack with dimples, freckles, and blush.

Tongue: DMMDI- Forked Tentacle Tongue (Marketplace Only)

Eyes: Rue- Grimalkin Eyes in Legend 

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