Prime Gifting at SL Christmas Expo 2012

If you haven't had the chance to stop by SL Christmas Expo 2012 yet, there are some really great things that you shouldn't miss out on! Each merchant is selling at least one item, with 100% of the proceeds from these item(s) being donated directly to Relay for Life (RFL).

With everything from fashion, to breedable pets, to home decor, this expo has something for everyone! Many of the participating merchants have Transferable items for sale, for your gift giving needs.

Here are a couple of this season's fabulous finds
and a direct tp to them, Prime- at SL Christmas Expo 2012:Prime Gifting at SL Christmas Expo 2012

Christmas Fireplace, RFL Exclusive-
Minimum Suggested Donation of L$200 Copy/Mod. No Trans.
Comes pre-decorated as shown, and has the option to turn the fire on and off.

Christmas Chair, RFL Exclusive(s)
There are two versions available. One for your home and one for gifting:

Copy Version- Minimum Suggested Donation L$150
This is simply the chair. Copiable, so you can rez as many as you like.

Transfer/Modify Version- Minimum Suggested Donation L$200
This version is made for gifting. The chair is Transfer and Modify so you can change the name if you like. The Pillow texture can be changed (just drop any texture on it, shaded or not). It comes with a cute Teddy Bear Giftbox (use them separately or drop the chair into the giftbox).

The chair is 6 prims and has 5 female/male/unisex animations, and pose adjuster built right in.

Keep an eye here, for more posts featuring items from this year's 
SL Christmas Expo, and for up to the minute information 
on participating merchant's, and all of the fantastic activities planned, 
join the inworld group, SL's Chrstmas Expo!

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