The Big 100

The Big 100
(The title for this post comes from the fact that this is
what will now be known as my 100th blog post!)

Following up on my last post, here is a bloody cute dress and heels
 from this round of Horror Haute!
The deals for this event fall into one of three prices: 
L$50, L$100, or L$200 and are exclusive for the duration of the event!
This month's round of Horror Haute goes through Jan. 31st.

Outfit: Hysteria- Let It Bleed, Mesh Dress  for Horror Haute
Comes dress in 5 different sizes and alpha layer.

Shoes: The Little Bat- Greyscale Mesh Pumps  for Horror Haute

Also Shown:
Jewelry: Collisions- Rhachis Necklace

Skin: Amacci- Liane Goth, 14 Pumpkin

Hair: Adoness- Natsuki, Pitch Black

Eyes: Rue- Cassiopeia, Oasis

Pose: Exposeur- From the Blissful 2 Pack

Background/Build: Garden of Dreams- Explosion Dreamscene, from the new Showcase Set 1


  1. Lovely! :O

    Also, Oasis is available! It's in the Mythos pack, which is at the bottom, right above the demo and fatpack ;D

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback, Rue. I really appreciate it.