The Challenge- Tudor Edition

The Challenge is a brand new monthly event that has a new building theme
each month, and several designers build items fitting that theme,
and put them out for a limited time special price!
Items can range from furniture to decoration, homes, skyboxes or garden accessories.

For up to the minute information on The Challenge, join in in-world group
The Challenge- Shoppers. You'll get first notice of when the newest batch of
items is ready for you to oogle over and purchase.

The theme for this first round of The Challenge is Tudor!
Tomorrow is the final day to get in on the special prices for these pieces so,
take a peek here and then take the links below, to shop 'til you drop!


Bauwerk-The Tudor Room (Copy/Mod ok)
Features: full mesh build with two rooms, fireplace with on/off options,
 and chandelier with on/off candles.

Bauwerk- The Tudor Bench (Copy/Mod ok)
Features: full mesh bench, with an all-in-one wood frame, with floral pattern fabric pillows.
5 single sits and 2 couple sits are built in.

(Also shown, Bauwerk- Love Sign and Tree Book Shelf
previous in-store gifts)


End of Daze- Chaise (Copy/Mod ok)
Features: metal frame with attached fabric cushion
in your choice of three different fabric patterns.
Each has 12 single and 6 couple sits, built in.


Michigan's Shack- Tudor Manor (Copy ok)
Features: full mesh build 2 story with 5 rooms on the upper floor,
and 6 rooms on the lower floor. 30x30 footprint

L&K Prefabs- Morning Wood (Copy ok, PG version)
Features: full mesh bed, with an attached tree with hanging lantern light.
11 single and 26 couple poses built in.


  1. Anonymous17.3.13

    Great job on the house Kitty! :D

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Billy.
    I really appreciate it.